Co-chairmen of the Geneva debates have visited Leningorskiy region of the RSO

Sun, 15/05/2011 - 20:39

The co-chairmen of the Geneva debates have recently met with the inhabitants of Leningorskiy region of the Republic of South Ossetia. The meeting has been arranged by the .South-Ossetian delegation at the Geneva consultations on request of the co-chairmen. As reported IA "Res" by the Deputy Plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO on the post conflict settlement Merab Chigoev, the "meeting turned out to be unexpectedly saturated and all the co-chairmen were highly interested in the discussion of all the issues. "The delegation has visited the house-museum of the ksani Eristavi, where the director of the museum has organized the excursion for us. The co-chairmen were interested in the exhibits, being demonstrated in the museum. We have explained that Eristavi were migrated many ages ago from the North Ossetia, their real surname was Bibilovy, and they converted the job title ' « Eristavi» into their surname", - has noted Chigoev.

Chigoev has also said, that the delegation visited a school in Leningor, where both the ossetian, and the georgian children are studying."Both the stuff of the school and the co-chairmen have been associating actively at the meeting; a lot of questions have been asked», - has emphasized Chigoev. – The teachers were interested not only in the humanitarian questions, but also in the prospect of crossing the boundary of the Republic of South Ossetia and Georgia; one of the main issues of the meeting was getting the citizenship of the RSO by the inhabitants of the georgian nationality in Leningor region- if it would be possible to have also the georgian passport for visiting their relatives in Georgia. All these questions have been answered by the South-Ossetian participants of the Geneva debates, by the head of the administration of the region and the other officials". "I have had an impression, that both the co-chairmen, and the inhabitants have been satisfied not only with the apprehension of the official authority of South Ossetia in Leningor region, but also with the attitude of the inhabitants of Leningor region -regardless of their nationality- to the realities, existing in the South Caucasus, ", - has declared Merab Chigoev. We note that the trip of the co-chairmen was planned to be conducted within the framework of two-day official visit in South Ossetia.

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