Alexander Kelekhsaev: Russia has to act using the American methods

Tue, 17/05/2011 - 12:02

Flash-poll: At the end of May the senate of the USA is going to discuss the draft resolution, which proclaims the territorial wholeness of Georgia; it also contains the appeal to Russia to withdraw its troops to the positions, they have been stationed before August 2008. In the draft resolution the actions of Russia -as a participant of the conflict- are condemned, and South Ossetia and Abkhazia are called the «territories, occupied by Russia". In your opinion, why the American senators have revived this theme?

Alan Pliev, Deputy Foreign Minister of the RSO:

The position of the senators L.Trem and D.Shakhin is their personal opinion, and I hope, it will not dominate at the Senate of the USA considering the policy of "reset". Neither South Ossetia, nor Abkhazia pretend to another’s territories and want to live with the surrounding countries in peace, without infringing the rights of the neighboring people. But I also hope that they will keep the same position in regard to our countries. What about the above mentioned "Russian troops" we must underline that the population of South Ossetia and Abkhazia appealed to Russia themselves for rendering them military aid and to prevent another aggression for the part of Georgia, they were being undergone since 90-th. The relevant agreements have been signed for this purpose.

Alexander Kelekhsaev, a journalist:
I`d like to note, that weakening of Russia is one of the primary tasks for the USA, notwithstanding the existence of the so-called problem of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. I want to emphasize that considering the unanimous opinion of the people and the authorities of the RSO the so-called problem of South Ossetia has been resolved, the only thing that is to be done- to complete the All-national desire to be reunited with North Ossetia and be included in Russia. The American policy was always aimed at weakening and breaking up Russia. The access to the power resources of Russia is a daydream for Washington, which can unleash war by the reason of raising the oil price even for 15 cents in any oil country or state, being of interest for the USA for implementing its strategic goals. It is enough to look at the list of the wars being unleashed by the USA to be convinced that using the slogans of democracy and human rights like a fig leaf, Washington pursues the concrete economic and military aims - Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and etc. That is to say, the USA creates crisis and conflict situations in the regions, being of any economic interest. Or the location of a state is of any strategic advantage. So there is nothing unexpected in the above mentioned resolution. The USA continues the aimed policy on weakening Russia, forcing it out of the different points of the world, minimizing its military-political presence and strengthening the American influence. More exactly: the resistance of Russia and the USA is of inter-civilized nature. So the discussion of the resolution shows evidently how «successfully" the bilateral reset is taking place. And Russia has to act informally with the senate of the USA so it’s high time to discuss the question of legality of military presence of the USA in the different states of the world by the State Duma and the Council of Federation.. For example, the question is of the Japanese island Okinava, where the military base of the USA is located, being the key strategic object and checking all approaches to Japan. Okinava was occupied by the USA in 1945 and the island was subordinated to the American administration before 1972. In the course of the tens of years the population of the island has been protesting against the stay of the American troops on the territory of the island, that is a classical example of occupation. Unlike the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, who do not consider the Russian troops the invaders. The Russian troops are the liberators and have all rights to stay on the territory of South Ossetia. The notorious reset has shown its insolvency and lameness, when the USA has recently declared that it will not acknowledge the sovereignty of Russia in the Kuril Islands. So as a reprisal one can use the actions on non-recognition of sovereignty of the USA in the seven States which have been separated from Mexico applying the military force. In short, Russia has to act using the American methods.

Inal Pliev, an independent expert:
The USA allows itself to interfere in the domestic affairs of any state, determine its mode of life, arguing its position by cynical lie, in its arrogance not considering the realities. Here are the realities: Russia is not to be considered as the side in the georgian-ossetian conflict. Russia – is a mediator in settling up this conflict. It is fixed in the numerous documents of UN and OSCE. However, Russia may be considered the side in the georgian-russian war, moreover – the defending side, which has undergone the military aggression, because the assault of the land forces of Georgia upon the land peacemaking forces of Russia, located in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict legally, according to the Resolution of the UN "About the definition of aggression" was nothing more than the military aggression of Georgia against Russia. In this aggression Russia has been the defending side and was acting in strict accordance with the UN Charter (article 51) and with the Resolution of the UN "About the definition of aggression" and other relevant legislative acts, including Geneva and Viennese conventions. And Georgia was the attacking side, a violator of the International Law, a violator of peace between people, between the states, a violator of standards of the International Law, including the humanitarian one and so so-called right of war. Georgia has to be punished for its actions and has to pay the damages. What about the widely advertised false thesis of the «occupation", thrilling with the military power of the USA, it is uttered only by the representatives of the powerful elite. Thereby, they can call the "occupied" any other territory and require the withdrawal of people, staying there legally. And the honest public men and politicians, the literate, intelligent people, certainly, keep the opposite standpoint. But they have no any political power. The actions of Russia in South Ossetia have the diametrically opposite sign of occupation while the actions of Georgia in the course of nearly 20 years of occupation of the territory of South Ossetia, particularly at the period of 1989-1992, 2004 and 2008, completely correspond to them. It’s Georgia who was the invader in South Ossetia, and Russia is a liberator of the people of South Ossetia from the physical destruction, a liberator from the bloody invasion of Georgia. Concerning the "territorial wholeness of Georgia", one should remember that the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic itself, without any enforcement from outside, consciously and deliberately has left South Ossetia in the USSR, while it declared itself separated from the USSR on April 9 1991, though it realized that in accordance with the law of the USSR "About the order of resolving the questions related to separating of the union republic out of the USSR" in case of withdrawal from the USSR it will lose South Ossetia. Our opponents prefer not to recall those historical events and standards of law, which don`t suit them. And it is the dishonest behavior. Their position is founded on lie and rough military force, the policy of corruption and intimidation. The aim, which the American senators and the other western politicians, organizations and the bodied of power pursue is -try to create the nervous situation by the constant statements and shouts, and thereby prepare the ground for more perspective actions, including the military provocations.

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