Igor Smirnov: This tragedy has struck the whole civilized world by its cruelty

Sat, 21/05/2011 - 15:39

The President of the Transdniestria Moldavian Republic Igor Smirnov has sent a telegram to the President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity on the occasion of the 19-th anniversary of Zarskaya tragedy. In the telegram, in particular, is said: "Dear Eduard Dzhabeevich! On behalf of the leadership of the Transdniestria Moldavian Republic and on behalf of myself personally I express high respect and send the words of empathy and support in this mourning for the people of South Ossetia day. 19 years ago, on 20 May 1992, the monstrous tragedy has occurred in South Ossetia. On Zarskaya road – the single way from the siege Tskhinval to the safe North Ossetia – the Georgian gunmen shot the unarmed refugees. This tragedy, the victims of which became the peaceful inhabitants- women, children and oldsters-has struck the whole civilized world by its cruelty. It testifies, that under the pseudo-peaceful statements of Tbilisi stands the policy of the merciless genocide, conducted with reference to the ossetians.

Having committed this inhuman crime, the Georgian leaders considered to break the power of the spirit and the faith of people of South Ossetia, their determination to struggle for living on the land of their ancestors. But their considerations were not justified. The people, having faced the threat of full destruction, became stronger and consolidated more the ideas of liberty and justice. Getting through the years of challenges and misfortunes, the country obtained the aim, in the name of which hundreds and thousands ossetians perished - has attained the independence. The pain of the ossetian people is comprehensible and close to the people of Transdniestria, who have passed through the terror of the Benderian tragedy. In this mourning day the people of Transdniestria are grieving with the people of South Ossetia and bend their heads before the victims of the Georgian fascism".

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