Sergo Mindiashvili: It hurt me particularly seeing all the useless horrors of the armed aggression, unleashed by the management of Georgia

Mon, 23/05/2011 - 17:23

A book of the honoured cultural worker of the Republic of South Ossetia, a member of the Writers` Union of .the RSO, a member of the international association of the writers` unions, a poet, a prosaist, a publicist and a translator Sergo Mindiashvili "Dyvydon аrty" ("The double .misfortune") has been lately published. The book has been issued in honour of the 70-year jubilee of the poet, at the support and financial aid of the State Committee of Information and Mass communications of the RSO. One-volume edition of the poet includes the selected works written during the 50 years of his creative activity. "The book consists of two parts.

The first part contains the poems, written in the 60-80 years of the past century. The theme of the verses is various", - has said Mindiashvili. According to his words they are dedicated to lyrics, the questions of the morality and the different aspects of human relations, nature, meaning of life, love for he Native land and etc. The second part of the book "Khaesty аzаraey" ("The curse of the war") contains the works, written by the author from 1989 to 2010y.y. They are dedicated to the tragic consequences of the armed Georgian aggression against South Ossetia, to the defenders of our Republic who have upheld its liberty and independence, to patriotism and importance of establishing and keeping peace between the people all over the world. "I was born and live in South Ossetia. My father is a Georgian, and my mother is an Ossetian. I am a Georgian myself; my wife is also an Ossetian It hurt me particularly seeing all the useless horrors of the armed aggression, unleashed by the management of Georgia -has said the author. - Plenty of the Georgians and the Ossetians have perished. It makes me suffering particularly. After all for me-a Georgian man, whose mother was an Ossetian, and whose wife is also an Ossetian, -.both people are equally near my heart". As he says, he has included the second part "Khaesty аzaraey» to attract the attention of the readers to the necessity of preventing wars in the world, conservation and keeping the lasting peace between the people all over the world and establishing the international concord. We should note that earlier such books as "Khaeraefyrty Khuyn" ("The Grant of the Nephew"), "Nykhas khurimae" ("Conversation with the Sun"), "The Considerations of my Solstice» have been issued.

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