The War in August, 2008. The eyewitnesses are telling. Roman Bekoev

Mon, 20/06/2011 - 10:08

Bekoev Roman Levanovich, 1936 d. b. an inhabitant of Tskhinval

I live on Tselinnikov Street, not far from the crossing of Isak Kharebov and Heroes Streets. In the evening of the seventh of August I was watching the appearance of the Georgian president Saakashvili on TV in which he said that it would be no any provocative actions against South Ossetia on the part of Georgia. That day I have thought that at last the night bombardments of the Republic will stop for some time. So many people have thought that way. That day my son was at his post, near to the Oak grove, many boys have been sent home by their commander, not expecting any more danger.

My son was also among them. However, awful explosions resounded about the midnight, we jumped up and ran into the cellar. I live on the fourth floor, it was very difficult to go down into the cellar, the walls were shaking, one couldn`t describe the feeling I have suffered then. There were all the inhabitants of our house in the cellar, basically the women, old men; the most painful thing was looking at the small children, they were crying, not realizing what was happening, though - I could not realize myself what was occurring. The next morning my son has joined the lads. I tried to dissuade him, but he did not yield. There was a kindergarten next to our house where the Georgian soldiers have found a shelter, and they were firing our houses from there. The Georgians were speaking indecently in the address of the Ossetians, and all of us heard it, but could do nothing. What can be more painful than hopelessness? - Probably, nothing more. The only hope was for the Russian army, we saw the planes flying over us and were happy, wishing to run out on the street, but, thank God, we have realized in time that it was the Georgian aircraft. When, at last, the Russian army has arrived, one could not describe our happiness. The Georgian tanks and armored troop-carriers turned around and began to retreat. A young guy, my relative Chibirov has perished, trying to call on his mother. And how many people have been lost in August, 2008! How many mothers had to bury their children, how much tears and blood have been spilt! We will never forget the war of August, 2008; we also will not forget the feat of our boys who were fighting to their dying breath, to the last drop of blood …

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