The Parliamentarians of South Ossetia have announced about infringement of the international law by the countries voted for the United Nations resolution

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 11:17

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Law, legislation and Local self-government Committee of South Ossetia Amiran of Diaconov has declared the news agency "Res" that at the moment of recognition of Georgia by the United Nations and also its inclusion in the United Nations South Ossetia has been already an independent state with the statutory constitution of the Republic of South Ossetia, and at that period de facto and de jure it has been not more a part of Georgia. We should notice that the of the United Nations General Assembly has adopted the resolution «Position of the internally displaced persons and refugees from Abkhazia, Georgia, and Tshkinvalskiy region / South Ossetia, Georgia».

The document has been discussed during the session «Prolonged conflicts on the Guam space and their consequences for international peace, safety and development». The deputy has noticed that «inclusion of Georgia in the United Nations in the early nineties has already been the infringement of the United Nations Charter as that time in Georgia there was a military coup, civil war, ethnic cleansings of the Ossetians and the internal confrontation, and also territorial claims to the neighbours. But they prefer not to pay attention to this outrageous violation». Diaconov has underlined that «the decision made on June, 29, pours water on the revanchist moods of the fascist regime of Georgia, and the all-round military-political support of Georgia by the USA (as well as in this question) is caused by realization of idea of the English-Saxon unipolar world order which is directed against Russia and South Ossetia in a tandem with ideology of the Georgian national-fascism». The deputy has concluded that «for the USA control over South Ossetia is the key point of realization of its interests in the central Caucasus, namely - extrusion of Russia from Caucasus and, telling the truth, it is unpleasant, that the countries which have voted for this resolution, have actually acknowledged that they are breaking the basic canons of the international law in most blatant way. They are following the English-Saxon unipolar world order waterway». Diaconov has summarized: «The USA support of the Saakashvili regime is very explainable, as it means realization of the favourite policy of the American leadership through the unequivocal support of" the son of a bitch ". As he said, the things had passed the same way both at the time of Baptist and nowadays.

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