Inal Pukhaev: Georgia once again managed to deceive 57 countries

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 14:10

The head of the administration of Tskhinvalskiy region in South Ossetia Inal Pukhaev has declared the news agency "Res" that the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly does not concern South Ossetia as it is not a part of Georgia. «We are the separate state, and what is adopted in Georgia, does not concern us», - Pukhaev has said. We should notice that the United Nations General assembly has adopted the resolution «Position of internally displaced persons and refugees from Abkhazia, Georgia, and Tskhinvalskiy region /South Ossetia, Georgia».The document has been considered during the session «Prolonged conflicts on the Guam space and their consequences for international peace, safety and development». Pukhaev has underlined: «If these "refugees "have been asked, whether they want to live in the independent Republic of South Ossetia?

The houses and cottages have already been constructed for them, where they are living quite well, according to the Georgian information, why they should come back to South Ossetia where, according to the statement of official Tbilisi "all things are bad"? There is no any logic, it means, that Georgia once again managed to deceive 57 countries which voted for its resolution». Pukhaev has reminded that «in 1991-1992 120 thousand Ossetians have been expelled from Georgia and no one has returned in the course of 20 years. Who will return them in their houses? These houses have been already divided between the Georgians. Why the United Nations did not pay attention to this fact in 1991-1992, after all it was real genocide and ethnic cleansing». He has also underlined that nobody expelled the Georgians from South Ossetia. «They have left themselves. And those Georgians, who have not left, are living and working here quite well and no one is intending to oust them».We should notice that the document confirms the right to returning of all internally displaced persons, refugees and their descendants irrespective of their ethnic belonging, in their houses on the territory of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia». The resolution calls for working out the schedule of the internally displaced persons returning.

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