The second part of the international conference of the Caucasus researchers has passed in the capital of South Ossetia

Sun, 03/07/2011 - 11:14

The two-day conference «Problems of the Caucasus and the modern Caucasus researching, the role of internal and external factors in the region development», having started on Thursday in Vladikavkaz, has continued its work today in South Ossetia.

Besides the Caucasus researchers - representatives of the scientific expert community of South Ossetia, Russia, Germany, Poland and Armenia-the President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of South Ossetia in the Russian Federation Dmitry Medoev, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of South Ossetia Elbrus Kargiev have taken part in the conference work. The conference co-organizer on the South-Ossetian part is the South-Ossetian research institute named after Z.N.Vaneev. According to the director of the research institute, the Candidate of History, a senior lecturer Robert Gagloev, the «level of the conference is rather high - not only in the scientific respect, considering the experience and qualifications of its participants, but also because of the fact that not only the scientists, but also diplomats and the politicians, whose opinion is important for participants from the scientific point of view, have delivered their reports». Elbrus Kargiev has told about interaction of Russia and South Ossetia in the points of rehabilitation of South Ossetia, having noticed that from 6, 8 billion roubles allocated for social and economic development, almost half are intended on restoration of motor transportation lines of the Republic. He has thoroughly discussed a number of important questions on development the Russian-Ossetian relations, a role of Russia in the termination of bloody war in August, 2008. Dmitry Medoev in his speech has declared that «Russia in 2008 responded comprehensively to the act of planting the hegemony of the controllable chaos». President Edward Kokoity had a salutatory address to the participants of the conference in which he expressed his gratitude to the foreign scientists for their arrival for receiving the objective information directly on-site. «When the reality is misrepresented in mass-media, in the Internet, or any discredit mechanisms are launched, it is very difficult to analyze the facts, but your arrival and the situation studying on-site promote realizing of the problems and searching for their resolving», - he has underlined. «We are the part of Europe and we want the Europe to know the truth about the events of 2008, the previous and the subsequent periods, the truth about the conflict`s original causes», - the President has emphasized. The report of the German scientist, the journalist of the newspaper "Unge Velt", the chairman of the German-South-Ossetian friendship Society Peter Luchak-«The Role of the Non-governmental Organizations in the Development of External Relations of the RSO», the report of the young Polish scientist of the humanitarian academy in Gdansk Pshemyslav Seradzan -«The Role of the Caucasus in Development of the USA Foreign Policy Strategy» and others have been apprehended with great interest. Some more reports have also been presented: «Conflicts in the Caucasus as a Means of Russophobic Propaganda in the EU Countries», «The Circassian problem: the Current state and the Possible Prospects», «The World Mass-Media: Historical Gamble on the Caucasian Themes», «The Subsidized Republics of the North Caucasus in context of the Political-Economic Subjectivity», «Different Versions of the Caucasian War History in the Western Caucasus and Their Influence on the Modern Times», «The Role of the NGO in development of external relations of the Republic of South Ossetia», «the Demographic Future in the RSO» and «the Website main objectives and issues». The participants of the conference made a tour of the city Tskhinval, they were shown the sights of the capital, communicated with the population, and they could observe a course of reconstructing works which had started after the liberation of South Ossetia from the Georgian invaders in 2008 on the objects destroyed by the Georgian army. Tomorrow, on July, 2nd, the next meeting will take place in Tskhinval; the question of creating a branch of the Scientific Society of the Caucasus researchers in the Republic South Ossetia will be considered there. Such branches are functioning in the different countries, including Armenia and Azerbaijan. «We hope that this branch will be created and the conferences like this will be carried out henceforth», - Gagloev has noted. Following the results of the conference work, the total declaration is supposed to be adopted in South Ossetia.

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