The round table on a subject of international relations has taken place in Tskhinval

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 11:48

Within the limits of the youth summer camp-forum the round table: - «South Ossetia: peace and stability in the Caucasus» on a subject: «International relations» has passed in Tskhinval. Besides the participants of the forum the deputy of the Stavropol Territory Alexander Sysoyev, the deputy of the Ivanovo regional Duma Ilya Petaev have taken part in the discussions of the Round table. The space bridge with the deputy of the lower chamber of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Syzdykova has been arranged; during the action she has answered the questions of the youth representatives.

During the conversation the deputy has noticed that South Ossetia will gain the international recognition and has to struggle for achieving this goal. As regards to the discussed subject, Alexander Sysoyev has made an appeal to the youth for respect their nation, history and culture. «Unfortunately, today we have no clearly formulated national policy, especially in the Caucasus, - Sysoyev has said – the problems in the Caucasus are the clot of the problems and relations which exist, in whole, in Russia and which are revealed in Moscow and in other large cities». According to the representative of the youth wing of the Russian party «Fair Russia» Andrey Vitkovsky, the youth is obliged to preserve peace in the Caucasus as it means guarantee of the country future. «What we have now is the result of the nineties of the past century policy when there was a chaos and collapse of the Soviet Union. At present the new opinion, the new state is being formed. We, in turn, are obliged to preserve the peace», - Vitkovsky has emphasized. According to the organizer of the International forum, the Counsellor of the President of the RSO Alexey Kazak the international camp in South Ossetia gives chance to the Russian civil society to look at the state of affairs of the Republic. At the end of the round table Kazak has declared that for supporting peace and stability in the Caucasus, one should struggle, first of all, with. Nazism and fascism display.

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