The War in August, 2008. The eyewitnesses are telling. Manya Khasieva

Wed, 13/07/2011 - 14:24

Khasieva Manya Nikolaevna, 1931 d.b., an inhabitant of Tskhinval
I recollect the days of the August war 2008 with horror. I am already 80 years old, I have seen much during my life, but I can’t stop being astonished at brutality and boundless aggression of Georgia hitherto. On the night of August, eighth, 2008 the war began, explosions were resounded.

The Georgians were firing us mercilessly. Each minute it became more and more dreadful. One could not express the horror which seized us; we were frightened so much, being unconscious what was occurring. I was at home with my husband, the missile hit our house, and the roof was crashed. Miraculously we managed to survive. We made our way into the neighboring cellar and found asylum there. The next morning I wanted to leave the house but I could see nothing because of heavy smoke. Everything was burning around: the RSO government building, the university, apartment buildings. I thought, the doomsday had come, all around was so gloomy. The cries were resounded, people wanted to leave the town, they tried to make their way to the station, said that there were buses ready to take the people off the Republic. Many of them have not reached the point; the Georgian soldiers were already in the town and were firing the houses, the people who came across on their way. We were horrified not only by the bombardment, but also by thought how the Georgians had come to this way – nothing human had remain in them. How one could imagine a man taking a weapon and killing and killing .the innocent people? What for? It is incredible. Thank God, the Russian army has helped our boys to protect our Republic and to defend the independence of South Ossetia.