The next meeting within the frames of MPRI has taken place on the border of South Ossetia and Georgia

Fri, 29/07/2011 - 13:01

Today the next meeting within the frames of mechanisms on prevention and reaction to incidents (МPRI) has taken place in the Georgian village Dvani on the border of South Ossetia. As the head of the delegation, the Deputy Plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement Merab Chigoev has informed the news agency "Res", the new head of the European Union Mission of observers in Georgia Andrzej Tyshkevich (Poland) who has replaced the former head of the Mission Hans-Jorg Khaber, was presented at the meeting. «Tyshkevich is a regular officer of the Polish army, he has gained wide experience of working in hot zones; taking part in the conflicts resolution. He speaks Russian rather well – he has graduated two higher military educational institutions in Moscow», - Chigoev has characterized the new head of the Mission. The Deputy Plenipotentiary has noticed that participants of the meeting, first of all, discussed incidents which had occurred on the border of South Ossetia and Georgia after the last meeting.

«The South-Ossetian side has remarked that though a number of incidents were reduced, nevertheless there are questions which cannot but cause regret and vigilance as they do not promote a mutual trust establishment. In particular, we have emphasized that within the last month, 34 facts were fixed when the European Union observers in Georgia, supervising the RSO territory, more precisely, -some law enforcement objectives, including the RSO Frontier service», - Chigoev has noted. The South-Ossetian party has offered the МPRI to put an end to similar actions as the Mission .warrant is valid only on the territory of Georgia but not in South Ossetia. Besides, the South-Ossetian delegation has specified unceasing cases of the RSO air space infringement by the Georgian pilotless vehicles which 14 times had been flying over the territory of Leningorskiy and Tskhinvalskiy regions during the accounting period. «We have declared that in case of any incident connected with the pilotless vehicles, -I mean their shooting down, - all responsibility will rest with Georgia, whence these vehicles come. The European Union observers who actually have never fixed infringements of our air space by the Georgian flying machines, will be also responsible for these actions »,-Chigoev has declared. The Deputy Plenipotentiary has informed that in turn, the Georgian party has raised a question on fates of their two citizens detained on October, 19 by the law enforcement bodies of the RSO for illegal crossing of the frontier around the village Dmenis (Tskhinvalskiy region, RSO). «We have responded that the criminal action has been brought against these two citizens of Georgia and this case will be investigated by the law-enforcement bodies of the RSO», - Chigoev has noted. OSCE has raised a question on possible crossing of the South-Ossetian territory by the Georgian shepherds around the village Perev (Dzausky region, RSO) so as they could graze their cattle there. «We have responded that the similar actions are possible only if there are the relevant bilateral agreements between the states. As there is no any agreement between Georgia and South Ossetia, this point will not be considered», - Chigoev has noted. Nevertheless, it may be possible if the Georgian party apply to the authorities of South Ossetia with the corresponding request. It should be reminded, that the agreement on creation of МPRI has been reached during the fourth round of the Geneva discussions on safety in Transcaucasia in February, 2009. Representatives of South Ossetia, Russia and Georgia with the assistance of EU and OSCE take part in the meetings.

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