The War in August, 2008. Three years later. The Eyewitnesses are telling. Xenia Guchmazova

Tue, 02/08/2011 - 16:39

Three years have passed after the August war in 2008, however everybody who have been in South Ossetia during this period, will .never forget the endured horror. On the night of August, 8, I was at home, together with my daughter, my husband and my small grandsons. My sons were at their post. I was frightened to death when the bombardment of the town began. We have picked up the children and have gone down into the cellar. I can not recover from the endured nightmare hitherto. Light has been instantly switched off; it was very dark, we could not even dare to light on candles. I hoped that by the morning the bombardment would abate, but it was only a dream…Thoughts about my sons did not give me any rest.

I .could not imagine where they might be. Each explosion was a blow against my heart, each time I shuddered and prayed God to save my sons. My small grandsons did not realize all the horror and we tried to remain calm for they would not be frightened. I said to them that just a little bit and all would be calm down, and I, myself, was thinking about how to take my children out of the town, how to save them …I had an awful headache because of the volleys, tears were flowing involuntarily. I wanted to sleep very much. Five days, spent in the darkness, seemed to me the eternity.

One cannot imagine our happiness when at last we have heard that the Russian army arrived to rescue us. Those were the best minutes in my life. I thanked God that he had heard my prayers. We have been rescued, but what about those sons, whose mothers will never see them alive! Too many boys have been lost in the struggle for our peaceful future. The price for our freedom was too high. We should always remember what price we have paid for our victory!