Parliament of the RSO has appointed the members of the new Central Election Committee


The Parliament of South Ossetia has confirmed a parliamentary quota of the Central Election Committee members of the Republic in number of seven persons at today's session. According to the Speaker of the Parliament Stanislav Kochiev, three candidates of the party "Unity", two candidates of the People`s Party and two of the Communist Party are presented to the Central Electoral Committee by arrangement of the fractions.

As a result of the discussion the members of the Central Election Committee from each fraction have been confirmed. They are: Tamaz Bestaev (Unity), Christina Avlokhova (the People`s Party), and Khandzher Ostaev (Communist Party). The deputies have unanimously voted for these nominees. Besides, two more candidates - Vitaly Dzhioev and Michail Tuaev-members of the majority party-have been also presented. Two deputies out of 27, presented at the session, have voted against. Vladimir Dzigoev (Communist party), Taira Gagloeva (People`s Party) - became the member of the Central Election Committee. According to the law, the quota will be established by the President; he will also submit a nominee of the Chairman of the Central Election Committee to the Parliament.

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