«Peace march» in a Georgian way

Thu, 25/08/2011 - 12:45

On personal order of the President of Georgia Saakashvili the next provocation against Russia is planned to be conducted by special services of Georgia at the end of August. Some kind of recruitment is taking place among the Georgian "refugees" who have left the territory of South Ossetia in August, 2008, for their involving in participation in so-called «peace march» in Leningor. The target of the action is- to draw attention of the world community to problems of the Georgian "refugees" from South Ossetia by false moaning.

It would seem, that carrying out this action must be a good deed of the Georgian president towards the population of Georgia, which had the greatest losses as a result of the criminal adventure unleashed by them. However, taking into account unpredictability of Mister Saakashvili, some doubts appear in one`s mind. First of all, it`s suspicious, that the special services of Georgia are charged with organization of the « Peace March», but not the human rights or the public organizations. The purposes declared by special services, always raise the doubts. Secondly, the way of attraction of "refugees" to participation in the «Peace March» is unacceptable - all the participants are promised to obtain monetary reward for participating in the procession. Those who refuse to take part in this adventure will undergo psychological and other measures, including threats and blackmail. Thirdly, it also causes bewilderment the sort of citizens, who are going to take part in the action; - recruitment of "participants" of the march is being carried out among those who do not live in Leningor or in Leningorskiy region. It`s because the inhabitants of Leningorskiy region of the Republic of South Ossetia have no problems crossing the border in both directions. During the war the majority of them did not escape to Georgia, and those who escaped from the war, have returned to the houses long ago and are living in peace. Under numerous statements of the RSO President Eduard Kokoity and the representatives of the government, South Ossetia is ready to receive all refugees, except those who are involved in crimes against the Ossetian people. The refugees, themselves, familiar with inadequate behaviour of the Georgian president and not having the ground to trust the Georgian special services, think about such initiatives cautiously. According to the refugee from South Ossetia, Marika Beruashvili, the Georgian authorities pay not enough money she may risk her children. As she has said, the Georgian authorities have done banners and posters in English for conducting the so-called «Peace March». However, there are not enough persons « to carry these posters. We would be glad to return to our house, but I will never agree to send my son to Tskhinval, so I don`t want my son to run into a bullet of new Machabeli provokers, »- she has said.

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