The role of Russia in peace and stability preservation in the Southern Caucasus has been discussed in Tskhinval

Tue, 30/08/2011 - 10:07

Today, on August, 29, within the frames of celebrating the Independence Recognition Day of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation, the role of Russia in the process of preserving peace and stability in the Southern Caucasus has been discussed at the round table organized by the South-Ossetian branch of the noncommercial organization of the Development Fund -the «Institute of the Eurasian Researches» in Tskhinval.

The key- note of the round table was the question of focusing attention of the political elite and population of South Ossetia on importance of the peace-making initiatives of Russia since 1992 for providing safety in the Republic. A Senior Advisor of the Russian Federation Embassy in the RSO Oleg Loginov, the Chairman of the party «Fair Ossetia» Kosta Koshte, the director of media centre "IR" Irina Gagloeva, the deputy of the Parliament Gennady Kokoev, representatives of the youth wing of the Republican political party "Unity" - «The Young Guards»- have taken part in the work of the round table. In his speech the representative of the RSO President in the Parliament Tarzan Kokoity has reminded the situation in South Ossetia before arrival of the Russian peacemakers in the zone of conflict. «At that time South Ossetia met face to face her aggressive neigbour, which had undertaken the task of physical elimination of the Ossetian people. But our people always relied on Russia and have survived only thanks to firm belief in saving role of Russia», - has noted Kokoity. According to the adviser of the PSO President Kosta Dzugaev, the saving role of Russia had begun long before 1992 when the peacekeeping forces entered into the conflict zone. «Before the peacemakers troops were brought into South Ossetia there had been the interior troops of the Soviet Union there; thanks to these troops there was relative calm in the territory of the Republic. Today the safety of South Ossetia is still secured by the Russian military contingent. Our people always believed that Russia was politically strong enough to protect the Southern Ossetians from the aggressor», - Dzugaev has said. The questions of assistance in strengthening friendly relations between the Russian military men and the population of South Ossetia, consolidation of public and political associations of the Republic, dynamic cooperation in various spheres of political, economic and cultural life of the Russian Federation and the Republic of South Ossetia have been also discussed at the round table. Common strategy of development and stability strengthening in the Southern Caucasus has been developed in the course of the discussions.

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