The field hospital of the All-Russia Medical Centre of Accidents "Protection" continues its work in Leningor

Wed, 31/08/2011 - 12:42

Since August, 23rd the field hospital of the All-Russia Medical Centre of Accidents "Protection" has been functioning in Leningorskiy district of South Ossetia. Physicians of the largest medical centers of Russia are rendering medical aid not only to inhabitants of the district. The local population is pleased with the opportunity to receive the free of charge aid of the Russian experts. As reported by the news agency "Res[i]" neuropathologists and cardiologists are in great demand among the population of the district. «Besides experts of all directions are working in the hospital. Inhabitants of the district are also received by the military physicians. If there are difficult cases the doctors consult their colleagues from Russia through the space bridges. One of the hospital tents is earmarked for this purpose», - has been informed at the administration of the district. It has been emphasized there that many citizens of Georgia have also addressed to the Russian physicians for medical aid. The hospital will function till September, 3. Those who require specialized medical aid will be taken away by the doctors for high-grade treatment. It should be reminded that on August, 22nd , 2011 with a view to rendering specialized medical aid to the population of the Republic of South Ossetia and stimulation of restoration of the republican system of public health service within the frames of the interdepartmental humanitarian action «Mutual aid. Cooperation. Safety», being held together with the Federal Security Service Frontier Management of the Russian Federation in the territory of South Ossetia, 23 professional physicians arrived in the Republic. Among them are: the surgeon, the pediatrician, the doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics, the otolaryngologist, the oculist, the traumatologist-orthopedist, the neurologist, the doctor of clinical laboratory, experts with tele-medical equipment and a mobile complex of satellite communication, and other experts. We should remind that the hospital has been developed within the frames of the Interdepartmental action «Mutual aid. Cooperation. Safety». The doctors of the Main clinical and the Central clinical military hospitals of FSS of the Russian Federation, the field hospital of the All-Russia Medical Centre of Accidents "Protection", representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of the Regional Development, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture, Central Administrative Board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in Moscow, the Union of Writers of Russia, the All-Russia Sports Society "Dynamo" are participating in the action.

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