The question of illegal actions of the Georgian law enforcement agencies will be raised by the South-Ossetian party at the meeting in Dvani

Fri, 02/09/2011 - 15:27

On September, 2nd the next meeting of representatives of the South-Ossetian and the Georgian parties within the frames of Mechanisms on Prevention and Reaction to Incidents will take place in the Georgian village Dvani. It has been informed the news agency "Resi" by the Deputy Plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement Merab Chigoev.

According to Chigoev, the situation on the border of the Republic of South Ossetia and Georgia, the incidents which have taken place before the previous meeting and cases of intervention of the law enforcement bodies of Georgia in the affairs of South Ossetia will be discussed at the meeting. Merab Chigoev has specified that the law enforcement bodies of Georgia phoned the inhabitants of Leningorskiy district of the RSO; they intimidated them and called them to the territory of Georgia where the inhabitants of Leningorskiy district were subjected to interrogations. Besides, according to Chigoev, the South-Ossetian party intends to take steps to prevention of possible incidents during the agricultural works in the territory of the RSO adjoining to the border. «Representatives of South Ossetia are going to demand from the EU Mission in Georgia which carries out monitoring of situation along the border, prevention of illegal crossing of the RSO frontier by the inhabitants of Georgia in day of celebrating the religious holiday of Dzhery Dzuar», - has informed Merab Chigoev, having reminded that lately in day of other religious holiday the similar incident took place in Dzausky district owing to inertness of the EU Mission. It should be reminded that the agreement on establishing the Mechanisms on prevention and reaction to incidents and meetings of working groups of South Ossetia, Russia and Georgia with the assistance of the EU and OSCE has been reached during the fourth round of the Geneva discussions on safety in Transcaucasia in February, 2009.

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