Ushang Kozaev has been presented at the «Alanika - 2011»

Tue, 06/09/2011 - 14:32

The V International art symposium «Alanika - 2011» is taking place in Vladikavkaz; it has gathered again the well-known masters of brush on the hospitable Ossetian soil. This year "Alanika" is celebrating the 5th anniversary. It has been confidently developing, including the new adherents and reacting sensitively to numerous trends of modern pop art, thus piously and carefully storing the traditions of the Alanian art, proving that Ossetia is becoming the recognized centre of culture in the south of Russia. Organizers of the symposium pursue the noble purpose: to involve as much as possible inhabitants and visitors of the Republic in the creative process. About 35 masters of painting, drawing and photo from Italy, Israel, France, Great Britain, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, the Russian cities will create on the soil of North Ossetia. Among them are the Ossetians Yury Abisalov and Robert Karkusov.

The Honoured Artist of North Ossetia, the People's Artist of South Ossetia Ushang Kozaev is also taking part in the symposium. «Participation in the world-wide action is of great importance for me. But the main mission of the symposium is - to show and prove to the world: art and war are incompatible», - Ushang Kozaev has told the news agency "Res". As supposed, on the termination of the symposium many pictures will remain in North Ossetia and will fill up the funds of the National museum. On September, 10 the opening of the final exhibition will close the symposium.

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