South-Ossetian sportsmen- dominoes players-are preparing for the World championship

Mon, 12/09/2011 - 10:24

The sportsmen-dominoes players- from Tskhinval will take part in the eighth World Championship on dominoes. As the trainer of the South-Ossetian team Roman Kokoev has informed the news agency "Res" the competition will pass in the city Sukhum, (Republic of Abkhazia) from October, 17 till October, 21st, 2011. The competition will take place both in individual and team championship. Our sportsmen George Bagaev, Igor Guchmazov, Alan Gubiev and Edward Bekoev will take part in the championship.

Now they are strenuously preparing for the tournament», - Kokoev has noted. As he said, dominoes is a young sport in our Republic and the South-Ossetian team will take part for the first time in the tournament of such scale. It should be noticed that dominoes has been recognized a sport game in Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Abkhazia, on Canary Islands and Russia.

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