Frontier guards are delivering the humanitarian help to the villages of the RSO

Mon, 12/09/2011 - 10:28

Employees of the Frontier Management of the FSS of Russia in the Republic of South Ossetia continue delivering the humanitarian aid of Russia within the frames of the interdepartmental humanitarian action «Mutual aid. Cooperation. Safety» taken place in South Ossetia from August, 22 till September, 2, 2011.

As the news agency "Res" has been informed at the press-service of the FSS Frontier Management of the Russian Federation in the RSO, on September, 6, 2011 about 5, 5 tons of foodstuff were delivered to the population of the frontier settlements in the Tskhinval region of the RSO - Pris, Khelchua, Satikar, Dmenis by the border guards of the Frontier Management. On September, 8, 2011 about 3, 5 tons of foodstuff were also delivered to the other frontier villages of the Tskhinval region - Grom, Bekar, Andoret, Makhis, Nishi. On September, 9, 2011 the humanitarian help was delivered to the inhabitants of the border area Dzausky, and since September, 13, 2011 the Russian humanitarian aid will be received by the inhabitants of the border area Leningorsky and Znaurskiy. In all, the inhabitants of the frontier villages of South Ossetia will receive more than 57 tons of foodstuffs from the Russian «green peaked caps».

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