Two more initiative groups have addressed to the Central Election Committee


The Central Election Committee of the RSO has accepted documents set from the initiative groups nominating Georgy Kabisov (the chairman of the State Committee for information and mass communications of the RSO) and Soslan Tedeev (commanding officer) for the presidency.

It has been reported to the IA RES by a member of the Central Election Committee Marina Tskhovrebova. It should be noticed that 15 initiative groups and political party "Fydybaesta" have already addressed to the Central Election Committee of the RSO. It should be reminded that the presidential elections will be held in South Ossetia on November, 13. The referendum will also be conducted the same day in the Republic. The citizens of the Republic will define the status of Russian language which now, according to the RSO Constitution has the official status. It is supposed to define the Russian language as the second state language, along with the Ossetian one.

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