New micro-district "Northern" is under construction In Tskhinval

Sat, 17/09/2011 - 14:27

In the capital of South Ossetia the new micro-district "Northern" is under construction in the northeast part of Tskhinval. As the Minister for Capital, Road building and Architecture Chermen Khugaev has informed the IA RES, the contracting agency "StrojArs-n" headed by Konstantin Dzhussoev, is engaged in the construction. «At this stage four five-floor houses of the improved lay-out, including 45 apartments each one, are under construction in the micro-district.

Earlier we have planned to construct four-storeyed houses with the mansard premises there, but then we have decided to build on the fifth floor within the same budget cost. Thus, we will have not 144, but 180 apartments where the basements are also provided. The area of the single-room apartment will make 45 sq. m. », - Khugaev has told. According to the minister, the construction work is rapid, and the completion of the micro-district building is planned by summer of the next year. Khugaev has also added that the new micro-district has been developed for eight thousand inhabitants. Apartments will be distributed among the inhabitants by the city administration of Tskhinval according to the fixed waiting list. Building of the new micro-district "Northern" is carried out within the frames of the Investment program of socio-economic promotion of the RSO. We should remind that 6 billion 810 million roubles are planned to be allocated for realization of the Investment program; about two billion roubles have already been transferred to the Republic.

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