Eduard Kokoity: the Forum "Sochi-2011" will promote the economy of South Ossetia

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 11:03

Participation of South Ossetia in the X-th International investment forum "Sochi-2011" is of great importance for further socio-economic development of the Republic. As the President of the RSO Eduard Kokoity has informed the correspondent of the news agency "RES" at the forum "Sochi-2011"«such actions are very important, as they allow to exchange experience, to find new ways of development, to solve socio- economic problems, to build new bridges in further cooperation of South Ossetia and Russia».

We should remind, that besides Eduard Kokoity at the forum (being held in Sochi from September, 15 till September, 18) South Ossetia is represented by the Prime Minister Vadim Brovtsev, and also representatives of the RSO government. During the forum members of the delegation are taking an active part in the business and cultural program of the forum, participating in the round tables on subject of agriculture, building, investments etc. The anniversary forum is conducted in Sochi for the tenth time. The expo-centre, a total area of which is 15 000 sq. metres, is erected in the central part of Sochi at the Seaside boulevard.
According to the organizers, investment projects from 60 Russian regions are presented at the exhibition halls. Representatives of 35 states are also participating in the forum work. In total, as of today, September, 17, more than 8000 participants have been registered, including about 550 foreigners. Traditionally, the majority of the projects (1800) have been presented by the owner of the forum - the Krasnodar Territory.

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