The delegation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has visited South Ossetia

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 11:09

The Republic of South Ossetia was visited by delegation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. A number of meetings with representatives of the authorities, scientists of the Republic of South Ossetia and representatives of the Cossacks have taken place. The delegation has included - the deputy of the Feodosijsky region Yury Pershikov, the deputy of the Bakhchisarai regional council Sergey Jurchenko, the adviser of the Commission for Culture of the Supreme body of Crimea Oleg Rodivilov, the deputy of the Inkermonsky City Council Victor Babushkin, the deputy of the Zujsky settlement council Victor Sidenko and the journalist enlighten the combat operations in South Ossetia in 1992 Vadim Telichev.

During the meeting with representatives of the administration leadership of Tskhinval led by the First Deputy of the Mayor Alan Kotaev cooperation questions between a hero city Tskhinval and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in cultural and scientific areas, sending the South Ossetian children to the Cossack recreation camp to Crimea and the agreement on mutual aid and cooperation between South Ossetia and Crimea have been discussed. For the South Ossetian part the delegates have been received by representatives of the mayoralty of Tskhinval; they have told the visitors about the positive changes in the capital after the Georgian aggression. «The new districts « Moscow", "Khurzaerin» emerged on a map of the city. One more micro-district «Northern» is under construction: next to it the modern academic town will soon be erected», - Kotaev has told. In turn the deputy of the Bakhchisarai regional council Sergey Jurchenko has noted that the long-term conflict and military situation has negatively affected the children of South Ossetia. «We have an opportunity to invite them with their parents to have a rest and rehabilitation», - he has said. According to the deputy, there is a hope that today`s work will be continued in future and cooperation will be extended and will be deepened as a result of the contacts. The same day the meeting of the Crimean delegation with the leading representatives of scientific intelligentsia of the RSO, the Doctor of History, Professor Yury Gaglojti and director of the South Ossetian research institute, Candidate of History Robert Gagloev has taken place. During the meeting the question of better, professional scientific research of history of creation a medieval fortified city Chufut-Kale on the Crimean peninsula, considering the historical background of that epoch, provided by the South Ossetian science. As the deputies have noted, the city was constructed by the Alans presumably in 5-6 centuries as the strengthened settlement on the border of the Byzantine possessions. During that period the city population consisted basically of the Alans. «The most visited place in our Republic is Chufut-Kale. More than half-million people from different countries of the world visit it. It stimulates to consider the history of the Caucasus and the Alans ethnos as a whole. In this connection, we are interested in scientific and cultural cooperation with South Ossetia», - Oleg Rodivilov has underlined. The deputies of the Crimean parliament have also handed over scientific works of the well-known Ukrainian scientist, the Deputy Director on science of the Ukrainian branch of Institute of the CIS countries, Candidate of Philology, a senior lecturer Anatoly Filatov to the South Ossetian scientists. The agreement has been reached to conduct the joint and multilateral scientific conferences in future. It has been noted that in Crimea financing of studying of the Tatar and Turkic periods is in progress, but the Scythian-Alanian period has not been studied yet.
Robert Gagloev has expressed his wish the contacts between scientists of the two republics to develop more resolutely and that the following meeting would have been held at more high level both for the South Ossetian, and for the Crimean part. « Archeological excavations have repeatedly been carried out in local mountain areas, we have some finds which characterize our culture about 7-8 centuries, - he has underlined. - As to Chufut-Kale, it is the Bakhchisarai historical-cultural reserve. Arrival of the Alans is dated about 6 century, and it is very difficult to restore the history of this reserve». The Crimean delegation has expressed hope for effective result of scientific and cultural exchange with South Ossetia. During the meeting the question of issuing the joint book of scientific works of the South Ossetian and the Crimean scientists on the marked subjects has also been mentioned. Then the meeting of the delegation with representatives of the Cossacks of the Republic of South Ossetia - the chief of the Staff of the Alansky Cossack army David Sanakoev and the ataman-representative of the Don Cossack army in the Republic of South Ossetia, the Vice-President of the Parliament of the RSO, the chairman of the Republican Political Party "Unity" Zurab Kokoev- has been held. During the meeting the presentation of the youth patriotic camp has taken place, important questions of cooperation in sphere of patriotic education of rising generation and the Orthodoxy strengthening have also been discussed.

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