Eduard Kokoity is elected as the Chairman of the ruling party "Unity"


The President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity has been elected as the Chairman of the party at the VIII congress of the Republican political party "Unity". Eduard Kokoity has been nominated for the party presidency by the Chairman of the Central Political Council of the Party Zurab Kokoev. According to Kokoev, changes and additions in the charter of the Party "Unity" have recently been confirmed: according to them the congress has established the Supreme Elective Office of the Chairman of the Party.

The President of the RSO Eduard Kokoity had a speech at the congress; he has called for consolidation of people of South Ossetia on the threshold of the elections and has expressed his gratitude to the delegates of the congress for their trust. «We had been working together, creating the party" Unity". I counted greatly that the party would be a standby both for president and for government- for all progressive forces of our Republic. Taking into account the forthcoming presidential elections, I said repeatedly that I was not intending to violate the Constitution and adjust it to myself. And I`ll not allow anyone to change the Constitution in order to please some persons», - the president has underlined. The head of the state has declared that his consent to lead the party - «is a signal for those persons who think that I will leave my people. I love my people and I will further build my country with them, assisting the new president. I`ll stay in South Ossetia, and I will work with people of South Ossetia». In his speech the President has expressed his opinion that in future the Parliament should be engaged in the government formation. «The party should focus on resolving the demography and social issues. We have to create jobs more actively. For today in the Republic there is shortness of more than six thousand hands practically in all fields, and this problem should be solved. The party motto should be: "We have to be only with people and work only for people"», - he has underlined. The head of the state has called on everybody to approach to decision-making more responsibly. «One should think with brains, instead of muscles», - he has declared. Eduard Kokoity has addressed to the future president of the country with an appeal to pursue the political policy of the Republic and continue the work on entry into the Union State of Belarus and Russia.

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