Military parade and a business forum will be held in South Ossetia in the Republic Day

Mon, 19/09/2011 - 19:42

On September, 20 the 21st anniversary of formation of the Republic of South Ossetia will be celebrated In South Ossetia. Traditional military parade will take place in the main square of Tskhinval; military men of the Republic law enforcement agencies and military men of the fourth Russian military base and the Russian frontier guards will take part in the parade. The same day two exhibitions of the South Ossetian artists will be opened in Tskhinval and the festive concert with participation of the Russian crooner, the Honoured Artist of South Ossetia Avraam Russo will also take place. One of the main events is the first Russian-South Ossetian business forum - «Construction of the modern state through effective economy» -which will be held in Tskhinval.

On the orders of the President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity the organizing committee, headed by the Adviser to the President of the RSO Nugzar Gabaraev, has been established. Nugzar Gabaraev has told the IA RES about the forum schedule. «More than 100 men will take part in the forum. A lot of visitors is expected to arrive in the Republic. Among them are: the high-ranking officials of Russia, representatives of big business communities of the Russian Federation, the scientific world, the journalistic community. It is supposed to lead four round-table discussions during the forum. A number of intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements and memorandums on cooperation between the Russian and the South Ossetian parties in the field of economy will be concluded. The main objective of the forum is creation of favorable investment climate in the Republic», - Gabaraev has said. It should be noted that arrival of almost all representatives of federal authorities of Russia, and also non-governmental agencies is expected to arrive in South Ossetia to take part in the forum. Representatives of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Federal Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transport, Trade Ministry, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and also the public corporations "Gazprom" and "Megaphone", "Giprogor", Bank VTB, Bank for Foreign Economic Affair are among the participants of the forum. The organizer of the forum is the noncommercial organization, the development fund «Institute of the Eurasian Researches». The Russian delegation will also take part in the festive actions devoted to the Republic Day. Visitors of the capital will lay wreaths on the tombs of the victims of struggle for independence of South Ossetia and the Russian peacemakers, who were lost during the repulse of the Georgian aggression in August, 2008. It should be reminded that the government of South Ossetia has passed the resolution according to which September, 19 - 21st are declared the days off in the Republic. On September, 21st South Ossetia will celebrate the Birth of Mary.

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