Eduard Kokoity: South Ossetia is ready for cooperation with the progressive states

Sat, 24/09/2011 - 20:29

On September, 19 the President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity has met in Tskhinval with the state Tuvalu delegation led by the Prime Minister Villi Telavi. It has been informed IA RES at the Presidential Administration of the RSO. During the meeting Eduard Kokoity has underlined that South Ossetia is ready to establish the closest and friendly relations between the two states. «In spite of the fact that the geographical distance between our states is too long, we are always ready to co-operate with the progressive states which respect and appreciate people`s struggle for independence. South Ossetia has undergone the ordeals. But our people have withstood the force and have achieved their main objective - independence and the international recognition», - Kokoity has declared. In turn, Villi Telavi has thanked Eduard Kokoity for the warm reception, having noted that he is glad to visit South Ossetia.

«We have driven along the streets of your town and have noticed considerable destruction, the destroyed houses and other buildings. We will pray for that the Lord has saved your people and has helped them to overcome the difficulties», - mister Telavi has said. He has underlined the importance of establishing the diplomatic relations with South Ossetia. «Tuvalu is not so rich state but if you need support, we are ready to give you a helping hand. I wish the leaders of other states could visit your country and could see everything what you have suffered. They should not sit in their comfortable armchairs and read reports», - the Prime Minister has declared. Eduard Kokoity has thanked the honored guest for his position. «It`s very important for our people to hear the words of support from the head of the country. It means the appeal to all the rest to leave the policy of double standards, the appeal for fair resolving of issues of further development of our state. Thank you for your courageous step. I think that the other countries, too, will follow your example», - Kokoity has concluded. At the end of the meeting the head of the state has handed over memorable gifts to the visitors.

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