The Central Election Committee has registered the first candidate for presidents of South Ossetia


The Central Election Committee of South Ossetia has registered Alan Kochiev ( a trainer of the weightlifting juvenile sports school) as the candidate for presidents. As IA RES has been informed at the Central Election Committee of the RSO, from now on Kochiev has the right to begin the canvassing campaign.

It has been noted that the subscription lists were also presented by the initiative group nominating Dzambolat Tedeev (the head coach of the Russian national team on free-style wrestling). It should be reminded, that Alan Kochiev now is in custody. Criminal proceedings on charge of beating the deputy of the Parliament Alexander Pliev have been brought against him. It should be noted, that the deadline for registration the presidential candidates is October, 9, that is 35 days prior to the day of voting. For today 21 initiative groups and two political parties - "Unity" and "Fydybaestae"- have submitted the documents to the Central Election Committee. Except the initiative group nominating Alan Pliev, no one has been registered at the Central Election Committee. It should be reminded that on November, 13 elections of the head of the state will be conducted in South Ossetia. Referendum on the Russian language status will also be held in the Republic along with the elections.

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