The Central Election Committee has accepted the next set of documents


The Central Election Committee of the RSO has accepted today a set of documents from the initiative group, nominating Vasily Bestaev - a member of the Advocatory chamber of the RSO-Alania- for presidential election in South Ossetia. It has been informed the News agency "Res" at the Central Election Committee of the RSO.

The Central Election Committee has also noted that Vladimir Kelekhsaev (the deputy of the Parliament of the RSO of two previous convocations) was also registered officially as the candidate for presidents. It should be noted that today the Central Election Committee has registered one more candidate for presidents - a trainer of the weightlifting juvenile sports school Alan Kochiev. For today (September, 23) 22 initiative groups and two political parties nominating the candidates for presidential election in the RSO on November, 13, have addressed to the Central Election Committee of South Ossetia. All the initiative groups except for Alan Pliev and Vasily Bestaev have already received certificates on registration at the Central Election Committee.

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