Murat Dzhioev: We are ready to develop good-neighbourhood with all countries in the modern world

Sat, 24/09/2011 - 20:38

Quiz: the Pacific state Tuvalu has recognized the independence of South Ossetia. How do you estimate this act and what steps we should take to be recognized by the other states?

Murat Dzhioev, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the RSO:

During the recent visit of the Prime Minister of Tuvalu to South Ossetia the joint statement on establishment diplomatic relations has been signed in Tskhinval. It means that the Republic of South Ossetia has been recognized by one more state.

Tuvalu is a member of the United Nations, a member of the international community equal in rights and for South Ossetia it is not important, whether the state has vast or small territory. The main thing is that one more state has recognized the Republic of South Ossetia as the real independent state. We have welcomed this important step, we consider that the leadership of Tuvalu has taken the important responsible step and we will try to bring the truth about South Ossetia to other states in the world and they will recognize the Republic of South Ossetia. The Republic has every reason for this purpose. For 21 year we have been building the modern democratic state and we are ready to develop good-neighbourhood with all countries in the modern world.

Yury Dzitstsoity, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliament of the RSO:

First, South Ossetia has been recognized by onу more state and I congratulate the people of South Ossetia on this event. Secondly, I consider that it is the next step on a way to the final and full recognition of South Ossetia. The relevant structures of South Ossetia have never stopped working in this sphere, and I am assured that the recognition of Tuvalu will be followed by other recognitions, too.

Inal Pliev, the independent expert:

First of all, I want to thank the people and the leadership of Tuvalu for this fair and courageous step. It shows once again that, contrary to hopes of Georgia and the West there are no states which refuse to recognize the independence of South Ossetia; eventually the number of the states which refuse to recognize the so-called and never existing «territorial integrity of Georgia» has been rising slowly but surely. Why this process is slower in comparison with recognition of Kosovo? Because the states have recognized Kosovo in a hurry, in fear of the USA, and this process has been artificial, based only on the will, on the fear of «the main international gendarme and executioner», but not on the will of the states which rulers have declared the recognition of Kosovo. The recognition of South Ossetia is objective, preceded by certain work. For recognition of the RSO by the other countries we should, first of all, work with them for establishing the meaningful, long-term relations. How they could recognize us, if they know nothing about the Ossetians and about South Ossetia itself, about its culture, education, democracy, respect for the Law?

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