Eduard Kokoity has headed the new public association «National Unity»

Wed, 28/09/2011 - 10:42

The President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity has accepted the offer to head the public organization «National Unity». The head of the state has declared about his consent at the session of the organization being held on September, 25 in Tskhinval. It should be reminded that earlier the non-governmental foundation "Patriot" has announced its integration with the public organization «National Unity» and has addressed to Eduard Kokoity with the request to head this new public association. «I have accepted the offer to head the public organization" National Unity", as I understand that we should work and struggle together to defend the rights of our military men, law enforcement officers and members of their families», - the President has declared. He has reminded about the defenders of South Ossetia in 1989-1992 left to the mercy of fate,facing their problems. «It`s not the right way.

They should care for the military men, and, especially for those military men and members of their families who were injured or were lost, fulfilling their patriotic duties», - the President has underlined. He has also reminded of his consent to head the Republican political party "Unity"after the presidential election in November, 2011, having noted the actual theme of creation a large political bloc. «This bloc will consolidate our society, strengthen our statehood, it will be engaged not only in the internal issues, but also in strengthening the international prestige of our Republic», - Kokoity has declared. He has underlined the necessity of consolidation of political forces in the Republic, having indicated «what ugly, comic forms are taken by the pre-election company when anyone who will take the trouble is registered at the Central Election Committee». «It’s not a toy, this is a great and serious state affair at very important stage of its development», - the President has emphasized. He has also declared on inadmissibility of pressure upon the population and the authorities, including the Central Election Committee, by the people who left the Republic in hard times and «who are not perceiving seriously the meaning of leading the state and defending the interests of people».«It`s not a restaurant gathering and the Moscow parties. And these people can`t realize what a hard thing is to justify the trust of people. I think that we will do the best to consolidate our society, that South Ossetia would have been restored and with support of the Russian Federation would have implemented the powerful program on social development of the Republic and all the planned projects, including building of important social objects, we should finish and think of further development of the Republic», - Eduard Kokoity has declared. He has reminded of the next recent recognition of independence of South Ossetia by Tuvalu and has underlined that the process of recognition of the RSO is irreversible. «In the near future the recognition of our independence by the other countries will also take place. We will follow the way of strengthening the international prestige and recognition of our state. To achieve these targets effectively, quickly and in due time, we should reach consolidation of our society as it was in 2001, 2004, 2006. I think, that 2011will not be an exception to the rule», - the President has said. He has underlined that he imagines the following head of South Ossetia as the worthy man, «who lived and is living in our society and who will live together with us, who, as well as you, has defended South Ossetia». «Undoubtedly, he will continue to follow the chosen course and will implement the will of people of the Republic of South Ossetia, confirmed during the referenda. I think that Anatoly Iljich Bibilov (the Minister for Emergency Situations of the RSO) will cope with this task, and we, certainly, will continue the process of restoration of South Ossetia», - the President has noted. The head of the state has underlined that despite the possible cardinal changes, the most important thing for the Republic leadership is to serve the people. «It is our common aim: not to betray people, not to give this inner sanctum to any political dystrophic persons, to impostors, refugees and moneybags with a criminal bias. We should do our utmost the Republic to be ruled by those who love it really, who love its people, who have been supporting for these years the course on strengthening our statehood and the international prestige of our state», - Eduard Kokoity has concluded.

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