ICRC has finished the project on repairing the irrigating system in South Ossetia

Wed, 28/09/2011 - 10:43

Mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has finished the project on realization of cleaning and partial repair of the irrigation canal in the villages Tsorbis and Kornis in (Znaurskiy district, RSO). It has been informed the IA RES by the employee of the Mission on public relations Marina Tedety. «As a result of landslip, the part of the irrigation canal which supplied the farmlands of peasants with water, has been damaged and the system did not function throughout the long period of time. In this connection, inhabitants of the villages Tsorbis and Kornis had serious problems with irrigation of crops, - Tedety has told. -The representative of the mentioned villages has addressed to us with the request of rendering assistance in resolving this problem.

After that, the ICRC experts have examined the condition of the irrigating system; they have developed the corresponding project and have launched its implementing». According to Tedety, now all the repair-and-renewal operations have been finished completely and the irrigation canal is ready for exploitation. «Now during the irrigating period, inhabitants of the villages Tsorbis and Kornis, consisting of 126 court yards, can use the irrigating system. Within the next few days we will officially place the canal under control of administration of the village Tsorbis», - Tedety has added. The ICRC representative has noted that the local residents rendered active aid in carrying out the repair-and-renewal operations.
It should also be noted that now ICRC is taking measures on decision the problem of water supply of the village Satikar (Tskhinvalskiy district, RSO).

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