The meeting of the Geneva discussions co-chairmen has been held in Tskhinval

Wed, 28/09/2011 - 11:22

The EU, OSCE and the United Nations co-chairmen of the Geneva discussions on safety in Transcaucasia have arrived in Tskhinval with a working visit. The delegation has met with the Plenipotentiary of the President on post conflict settlement Boris Chochiev and members of the RSO delegation at the Geneva discussions. The delegation has included thenew EU co-chairman Phillip Lefor. Boris Chochiev has congratulated Lefor on his appointment, having noted that South Ossetia will co-operate with him as with the co-chairman of the Geneva discussions, but not as with the special EU representative in the Southern Caucasus.Boris Chochiev has presented a summary of the situation in South Ossetia.

«The situation in the Republic is stable.The meetings within the frames of mechanisms on prevention and reaction to incidents are heldregularly. At present the restoration of the economy destroyed during the war, building of houses are in progress», - Chochiev has told.He has noted that soon building of a gas pipeline for inhabitants of Leningorskiy district will start.«The Georgian party has not reacted to efforts of OSCE in this direction, having opposed this problem resolving, as well as in case with the other issue of power supplyin this district», - Chochiev has noted, having reminded that after the war in 2008 it was offered not to politicize any humanitarian issue.He has underlined that inhabitants of Leningorskiy district spent three winters without gas,thatis nonsense in the 21st century, when people endure sufferings because of someone's political intrigues.«Instead of facilitating the life of people, Saakashvili creates problems. Not only for South Ossetia, but also for the former inhabitants of the RSO who became refugees and beggars in Georgia because of his policy. Many countries and the international organizations have helped them, but now the intolerable conditions are created for them», - Chochiev has declared.He has also underlinedthat threats, as well as arming on the part of Georgia are still ongoing; this fact demands activating the work on signing the document ofnon-use of force. According to Boris Chochiev-«Saakashvili is a person who is more aimed at military actions, than at peaceful settlement».In turn, Phillip Lefor has noted that it is necessary to set real and specific goals which need to be solved. «It is necessary to solve the gas supply and the power supply issues to facilitate the life of people», - Lefor has emphasized. He has alsoexpressed his desire to visit South Ossetia more often. Then the meeting continued its work in the closed mode. It should be noted that the 17th round of the Geneva discussions is planned for October, 3-4, 2011.

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