The Central Election Committee has accepted documents from the initiative group of Eduard Gabaraev

Thu, 29/09/2011 - 10:21

Today the Central Election Committee of South Ossetia has accepted a package of documents for registration the initiative group, nominating Gabaraev Eduard Inalovich (commander of artillery of the Ministry of Defence of the RSO) for presidential election in South Ossetia. As the Central Election Committee of the RSO has informed the IA RES, the documents are at the examination stage and in five days the answer will be given.

It should be noted that at present documents of 25 initiative groups and two parties have submitted their documents to the Central Electoral Committee of South Ossetia. The Central Election Committee of South Ossetia has already registered Kochiev Alan Grigorjevich and Kelekhsaev Vladimir Stepanovich, as the RSO presidential candidates. It should be reminded that the presidential election and the referendum about the Russian language status will be held in South Ossetia on November, 13.

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