A sportsman from Tskhinval has taken the second place in the international tournament

Thu, 29/09/2011 - 13:27

The native of South Ossetia Soslan Tedeev has become a silver prize-winner of the international tournament on boxing among the youth, which came to the end on September, 2, 2011 in Magnitogorsk. It has been reported to IA RES by the instructor of the sportsman Vitaly Slanov.«On a way to the final duel Tedeev had three fights. During the first and second preliminary fights he has gained absolute victory over two other Russian boxers, - Slanov has said. - And in the third duel on a way to the finish, Tedeev in the first round has knocked down his rival from Kazakhstan two times and has been announced the winner in advance, taking into account his evident advantage».

According to the trainer, in a final duel the sportsman with insignificant advantage has conceded a victory to the Uzbek boxer and as a result has taken the second place. «It should be noted that Tedeev for the first time has contended in the senior age group - among the youth. Не has earlier taken part in the juvenile tournaments according to his age. Besides, it was his first appearance in a ring in a weight category to 64 kg» - the trainer has added. According to Slanov, it has affected our sportsman during his final duel with the more skilled contender. «But, nevertheless, Tedeev has done justice to himself at the tournament and I am very happy with his performance. He has once again proved that he is a very perspective boxer and at serious trainings he will achieve great sports successes», - the trainer has added. According to the instructor of the sportsman, in October Tedeev will take part in the tournament "The strongest boxers of Russia», which will be held in Ulyanovsk and at the end of December, 2011 he will take part in the Cup of Russia on boxing among the youth.It should be noted that earlier Tedeev has become the winner of the Russian Federationchampionship on boxing among the youth, as well as the winner and the prize-winner of some prestigious All-Russia and international tournaments. Now Tedeev supports a command of North Ossetia and trains in Vladikavkaz.The trainer of the sportsman is the Honoured trainer of Russia, the Honoured trainer of South Ossetia Vitaly Slanov and the international class master of sports on boxing Alan Chekhoev.

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