Works on reconstruction of the building of Parliament are at a good pace

Mon, 31/10/2011 - 13:26

A lot of residential and administrative buildings were damaged during the Georgian aggression in 2008. Among them is also the Parliamentary building, which, after the fierce bombardment of the Georgian aggressors has been completely burned. Not so long ago, works on restoring the building have begun. The reconstruction is being carried out within the framework of the Investment Program to promote socio - economic development of South Ossetia. As we`ve been informed by the construction foreman Robert Nartikoev, no material changes will take place in shape of the building.

"According to the plan one additional floor will be built and the basement of the building will be made of granite. On the whole the architecture of the building will remain the same," - he said. Restoration works are carried out by the construction organization LLC "Leah." 80 builders are working at the site. "Before the repair works a large amount of work for clearing debris from the building has been carried out, but now all is over" - said the foreman. There are problems with frequent electricity disconnection. "When the electricity is turned off, all the work is stopped. It reduces the speed of restoration," - the builders have complained.
Currently, the builders are carrying out internal works for strengthening the walls with special grid. Next week installation of the window frames will start. According to the plan the whole construction must be completed by spring, -in March - April."

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