The delegation of South Ossetia will go to the international conference in Moscow

Thu, 10/11/2011 - 11:42

Employees of the South Ossetian Republican Library named after Anakharsis will participate in the International Conference of the cultural sphere young professionals- «The initiative of the young" which will be held in Moscow from 23 to 25 November. It has been reported IA "Res" by the director of the Republican Library Valeria Kokoeva."The influence of the city cultural space on the development and formation of personality, what is cultural space of the city as a whole, formation of cultural needs and values of youth in a city will be discussed at the conference. The present and the future of the cultural institutions through eyes of the young professionals and users will also be discussed there,"- said Kokoeva.She has noted that the conference is supported by the Government and the Department of Culture of Moscow.

"The theme of the city space transformation by the means of culture takes the increasingly prominent position in the strategies of socio-economic development. Of particular importance is the creation of accessible for young people social and cultural space of the city, consisting of variety of services and resources in different areas of culture, including libraries, museums and so forth,"- Kokoeva said. According to her, the conference will be attended by the leaders and the young professionals of cultural sphere, representatives of social services and education, youth organizations and associations from all regions of Russia, the CIS and far abroad.

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