The number of the presidential candidates in South Ossetia has decreased to 13


During the evening debates on TV channel "IR" the presidential candidates of South Ossetia Inal Bazzaev and Igor Alborov have declared about their decision to renounce participation in contest for the presidency in favor of the candidates Georgy Kabisov and Alan Kotaev respectively. According to Bazzaev Inal, his ideas and plans completely coincide with the ideas and plans of the presidential candidate Georgy Kabisov; so "in connection with this fact I am going to withdraw my candidacy and I am addressing to my voters to support the candidacy of Georgy Kabisov." "Other presidential candidates, whom I also respect have addressed to me, but I have decided to vote for Georgy Kabisov, because he is a man of word who does not give empty promises," – Bazzaev has underlined.

Another presidential candidate Igor Alborov has also stated that he decided to withdraw from the presidential election and he has appealed for vote in favour of Alan Kotaev, as he considers him a worthy candidate for president who can lead the state. Thus, 13 candidates are still participating in the presidential race. Earlier, the presidential candidates Ivar Bestaev and Merab Chigoev have withdrawn their candidacy from the presidential race in favor of Dmitry Tasoev and Anatoly Bibilov respectively. It should be reminded that in total the CEC of South Ossetia registered 17 presidential candidates. Presidential elections in South Ossetia will be held on November 13. The same day a referendum on formalizing the state status of the Russian language will be conducted in the Republic.

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