The Vice-President of the Peace and Harmony Federation has not found any signs of falsification in the election process


Any facts of falsification and irregularities have not been fixed during the election process in South Ossetia. It has been declared the journalists by the representative of the Russian fund of free elections, the Vice-President of the Peace and Harmony Federation at the briefing of the Central Election Committee informational centre, Professor Gennady Mikhajlov. According to him, only irregularities on technical reasons, which cannot affect the voting results, have taken place. «We were working in two districts of the Republic-Tskhinvalskiy and Znaurskiy, where we managed to visit nine polling stations.

We could not fix any considerable irregularities which could affect the voting results. As a whole, everything has been arranged skillfully enough, all conditions for voting were created. It should be noted that in all the nine polling stations, visited by us, we have not met any chairman of the election committee who had not participated in the previous elections of South Ossetia. It means that the local election committees are skilled enough»,-Mikhajlov has emphasized. However, Mikhajlov has noted, that the observers paid attention to the fact that in the majority of the polling stations the hung out lists of voters have not been certified neither by seal, nor by members of the election committee.«There were cases of refusal in suffrage, but only in case of absence of the corresponding documents. We have not met the facts that someone didn`t find himself in the lists. Also on-site voting has been organized», - he has added. The rare enough procedure in the election process, according to the observer, is a situation with the representatives of the presidential candidates.«First, by quantity they are more than the members of the election committees. All of them are active enough, loudly expressing themselves that leads to certain confusion. Secondly, people had to stand in queues, because each bulletin should be signed by representatives of all candidates», - Mikhajlov has noted. He has underlined that this procedure in a sense affirms trustworthiness of voting, «but it has also the reverse side». «I would not consider it as purely democratic approach for one simple reason - if members of the local election committees are prepared, organized and know what to do, but representatives of the presidential candidates are involved in this process maximum a week, and even less than a week. Therefore they are not so guided in the situation. Probably, the Central Election Committee following the results of the supervision, should pay attention, and think over, how to improve this work in future», - Mikhajlov has noted. He has also noticed that the voters were in good mood, «though I would not name the atmosphere celebratory, as in the parliamentary elections of South Ossetia in 2009».

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