The Russian businessmen are ready to invest in the economy of South Ossetia


A Round table on a subject «Ossetian breakthrough» in the economic sphere has been held at the Media centre "IR" in Tskhinval. Real steps on promotion the national economy development». The Deputy Minister of Regional Development of Russia Sergey Vereshchagin has acted at the meeting as the moderator of the action, who arrived in the Republic.

Participants of the meeting have discussed questions of development of agro-industrial complex of South Ossetia, maintenance of food safety in the RSO, and also functioning resumption of mining in Kvajsa, factory garment factory in Tskhinval and brewery in Leningor and some other enterprises in the RSO. Sergey Vereshchagin has noticed that the meeting was attended by representatives of the major Russian business structures and companies who are ready to invest in the concrete investment projects in the territory of South Ossetia, designated in the program of the presidential candidate of the RSO Anatoly Bibilov. «In September we jointly participated in the South Ossetian -Russian economic business forum, the main subject of which was further strengthening of business cooperation between the Russian Federation and the RSO and formation of priorities of socio-economic development of South Ossetia, - Vereshchagin has said. - Our today's visit is realization of those arrangements which have been reached at that forum». The participants of the meeting have expressed their opinion on prospects of development of the RSO economy and cooperation opportunities between the Russian and the South Ossetian enterprises. The General Director of the Moscow Company «the S-Frut Alliance» Vladimir Lishchuk has focused on the potential of the agrarian sector of the South Ossetian economy. «We have thoroughly analyzed the situation together with the experts of the RSO Ministry of Economic Development. We have visited a lot of places. It is clear for us that South Ossetia is, first of all, the agrarian country, - the businessman has underlined. - Agriculture – is the component of economy most acceptable to South Ossetia. Some areas intended for cultivation of vegetables and fruit, do not carry out this task. People have a desire to work. They want to live today, and this sphere is the most perspective, it does not demand large investments and time for development», - Lishchuk has said. He has noticed that it is necessary to create favorable conditions for local farmers in realizing their products. According to the businessman, in these purposes the company, headed by him, plans to open in South Ossetia the enterprises for manufacturing meat-and-milk products, the logistical centre and the point of reception-processing of fruit-and-vegetable production up the time of harvesting of the next year. «Non-polluting production from Ossetia will become popular in Russia. It will be the breakthrough into the market branded under the name “Ossetian breakthrough”, - the businessman has hinted at the name of the Bibilov`s electoral programme. The first Vice-President of the Public Corporation "Roslegprom" Alexander Kruglik has expressed expediency of development of light industry in the RSO. «Light industry development will promote creation of new jobs for the town population in the RSO. Moreover, light industry at rather small investments is really profitable, -Kruglik has emphasized. - We want to help South Ossetia with the light industry revival». He has approved the restoration project of the garment factory. The project is rather perspective. But there are problems, which should be solved with one`s help. It is sales of products. The factory is big enough. Naturally we should help them to develop the Russian product market, - the representative of the Public Corporation «Roslegprom" has added. - We will accept this commitment and we will also help them with the personnel training». The Vice-President of the Public Corporation Brewing campaign "the Baltic" Alexander Dedegkaev has expressed prospects of development of the brewing enterprises of the Republic. He has expressed readiness of the company represented by him to assist the South Ossetian breweries in arranging the effective manufacture. «Principal components of beer success – is water, and, it goes without saying, water in South Ossetia is much better, than in St.-Petersburg. And it is also possible to grow barley, necessary for beer, corn and hop», - Dedegkaev has noted, having added that looks with enthusiasm at prospects of cooperation with Bibilov. The Deputy Director of the Central research prospecting institute of colour and precious metals George Ruchkin has noted expediency of renewal of functioning of mining in Kvajsa and works on studying the ore stocks of the country. The General Director of the Public Corporation «the Russian Institute of Town-building and Investment Development "Hyprogor" Michael Grudinin has acquainted the gathered with the work of the structure headed by him, on working out the scheme of territorial planning of the RSO. «In South Ossetia there are all conditions for organizing the non-polluting manufacturing, which is highly valued all over the world, and also the tourist business, - Grudinin has underlined. - I completely agree with Anatoly Bibilov, who during our conversation about questions of socio-economic development of the Republic has underlined the necessity of realization of opportunities available in the RSO for making food products from non-polluting raw materials and also the tourist-recreational potential». The presidential candidate of the RSO Bibilov has expressed his vision of decision the questions of strengthening and further socio-economic development of South Ossetia. He has expressed gratitude to the visitors for their efforts in promoting realization of problems of the development tasks facing South Ossetia. «I am glad that today the South Ossetian and the Russian experts are discussing so actual for our country questions of economic development, - Anatoly Bibilov has addressed to the gathered. - I hope that work spent in this direction, will promote development and further strengthening of the RSO economy». Anatoly Bibilov has mentioned a huge role of Russia in the decision of problems facing South Ossetia, having expressed his gratitude to the Russian leadership for care and the aid rendered to the Republic in restoration and in its further strengthening. Participants of the action have expressed readiness to follow the directions, indicated in the electoral programme of Bibilov in resolving the issues of socio-economic development of the Republic. At the end of the action Sergey Vereshchagin has assured the participants of readiness of the Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development to help South Ossetia and support it in future in the decision of the problems.

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