Georgy Kabisov: All of us should come on November, 27th and make their choice deliberately


Quiz: according to the international observers the first round of presidential elections of the RSO on November, 13 has been held transparently, without serious violations.
How do you think, whether the second round of presidential elections will be so fair and objective?

Vyacheslav Gobozov, the leader of Socialist Party «Fydybaestae - Fatherland»:

I think that the second round of the Presidency of the RSO will also be held fairly. It seems to me, there are no preconditions that someone could undertake attempts to falsify the elections. The second round of the elections will be fair, and the winner will be that one whom the people of South Ossetia will vote for.

Georgy Kabisov, the ex-candidate for the Presidency, the Chairman of the State Committee of Information, Communications and Mass Media of the RSO:
Despite the political temperature, I think that the election campaign as a whole is being conducted within legal boundaries. It would be desirable to express gratitude to candidates who have not admitted any excesses, and, I`d like to believe that they will adhere to this position later on. Dignity consists not only in winning, but also in being able to lose with honour.

Every second we should remember that the whole world is watching us - not only the friends of South Ossetia, but also our ill-wishers, and we, in no event, have no right to forget about responsibility to our people, in no event we should allow our ill-wishers to reproach us with neglecting democratic standards and law requirements. All of us should come on November, 27th and make a choice deliberately.

Lana Parastaeva, a journalist:
It would be desirable the second round of the elections being held so fairly, as well as the first one- as far as I know, not any grave breach has been fixed. And I have no doubt that if there were any serious violations, not any representative of the presidential candidates would miss the opportunity to focus the public attention on these infringements. How all the candidates have agreed with the results of the first round -is the evidence that they had not such opportunity. I think that contention in the second round will also be very strong. Fight will follow each ballot: which of them should be considered void, spoilt and etc. I am convinced that the elections will be conducted fairly. The main thing, in my opinion, is that the candidates should be ready to take defeat for avoiding the post-elective destabilization.

Alan Pliev, the ex- presidential candidate, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RSO:
We very much hope that the second round of presidential elections will be held within the legal boundaries, without any violations. We will allow people to elect that president whom they want to see. Unfortunately, we have some information about falsifications which are being prepared. We have put an inquiry to the passport service, to the Central Election Committee about to whom and how many South -Ossetian passports are being issued. We have not yet been answered. There is a cause for thinking that some citizens will have possibility to vote with the old and new sample passports not in favour of Alla Dzhioeva. Also in the simplified order the passports of the RSO are being issued to persons who are not living in the Republic. I hope that our people will show consciousness and will not admit any falsification, will give the chance the elections to be held normally and to elect the president whom people want to see.

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