Negotiations with the opposition are still in progress; the protest meeting in Tskhinval is still proceeding

Sat, 03/12/2011 - 11:36

In the centre of Tskhinval the protest action of supporters of the ex-presidential candidate of South Ossetia Alla Dzhioeva is still in progress. About 150 oppositionists are still holding a meeting in the central square. They made fires, put tents and declared that they would stand until the authorities have fulfilled their requirements.

The government building is still under protection of the law enforcement officers, which number was considerably reduced, however the armored trucks are still at the entrance of the government building. In the afternoon negotiating process of leaders of opposition with representatives of Presidential Administration of Russia and the South Ossetian authorities has been resumed; it has been stated that, thanks to the reached agreements, tension of the situation was reduced. It should reminded, on November, 30 about 1000 supporters of the presidential candidate Alla Dzhioeva gathered in front of the government building in Tskhinval with requirement to cancel the judgment of the Supreme Court of the Republic, which recognized results of the second round of presidential election on November, 27 void. The building was cordoned off by security force agency, which, while trying to push back the protesters, began to shoot off. Nevertheless, supporters of Dzhioeva secured the meeting of their leader with the serving President of the Republic Eduard Kokoity, who promised her and a few ex-candidates, supporting her, to discuss the demands of protesters with the Chairman of the Supreme Court Atsamaz Bichenov. Later Dzhioeva met with Atsamaz Bichenov, who refused to vacate a judgment on recognizing the election invalid and offered the opposition to appeal the judgment in court. The same day, the staff of Dzhioeva took an appeal to the Supreme Court. The Chairman of the Supreme Court has promised to accept the appeal the next day, December 1 and fix a date for its consideration. Next day the action has been resumed in the central square of Tskhinval in front of the government building. Leaders of the protesters have read the ultimatum to the Serving President Eduard Kokoity, the Acting Chairman of Parliament Zurab Kokoev and the Chairman of the RSO Supreme Court Atsamaz Bichenov; the ultimatum contains the requirement- till 18.00 to cancel the judgment of the Supreme Court of the RSO about recognition of elections void and also the decision of parliament on fixing the date for presidential elections of the RSO on March, 25, 2012. Supporters of Dzhioeva have declared that the action will be termless - until the authorities have satisfied all items of the ultimatum.

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