The court has confirmed the decision on recognition of presidential election in the RSO the void

Wed, 07/12/2011 - 11:53

The Supreme Court of South Ossetia has confirmed the decision, made on November, 29, according to which the presidential election being held on November, 27 is recognized void. The court has passed such judgement after the today`s morning session where the appeal of supporters of the ex-presidential candidate of the RSO Alla Dzhioeva was being considered; they have been demanding recognition of the election results.

As the Chief Justice Atsamaz Bichenov has informed IA "RES", it is stated in the operative part of the resolution: «the Decision of the Supreme court made on November, 29, 2011 by the appeal of RPP " Unity " on recognition of presidential elections in South Ossetia on November, 27, 2011 void, should be left without change, and the appeal of presidential candidate Dzhioeva A.A. should be left without satisfaction». According to Bichenov, the decision will be in full made according to the terms of procedure.

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