Central Election Committee of South Ossetia completed accepting subscription lists from the action groups nominating presidential candidates


The Central Election Committee of South Ossetia has completed this evening accepting subscription lists from the action groups, nominating candidates for the presidency of the Republic.
"In all, the Central Election Committee has accepted subscription lists from 19 action groups nominating the presidential candidates. The CEC will be checking the authenticity of signatures of voters; the presidential aspirants should pass an exam in knowing the official languages (Ossetian and Russian). In addition, they are obliged to submit declarations on income and taxes", - CEC secretary Irina Gassieva told IA "Res".

According to her, on Monday, February 20 at 11:00 am nine presidential aspirants of the Republic will take an examination: Deputy Minister of Defense Igor Alborov, Chairman of the Union of Afghan Veterans in South Ossetia, Murat Guchmazov, MP of the IV convocation Sergei Zasseev, MP of the II and IV convocations Kelekhsaev Vladimir, a former chief of Dzausky District Administration of South Ossetia Ruslan Bagaev, entrepreneurs Anatoly Dzhioev and Rustem Dzhioev, CEO of insurance company "Yugosetsotsstrakh" Felix Bitiev and chief bailiff of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of South Ossetia Sergei Bitiev. "February 21 the following presidential aspirants should pass an exam: ex-chairman of the Committee of Transportation Maurice Sanakoev, the RSO Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Russia, Dmitry Medoev, an entrepreneur Oleg Kozaev, chairman of the Judo Federation Inal Dzukaev, ex- presidential representative in the Parliament of South Ossetia Tarzan Kokoity, the Human Rights Ombudsman David Sanakoev, the employee of the State Security Service Sergei Pliev, the former head of Dzausky district Pavel Kumaritov, as well as the Communist Party leader Stanislav Kochiev, who as the party protégé, was released from obligation to submit signatures in his support,"- she has underlined. According to Gassieva, 18 persons should pass the exam. "The former head of the KGB, Leonid Tibilov has already passed a test. Currently the subscription lists submitted by his action group, are being checked thoroughly; after that he will receive a reply,"- said the Secretary of the CEC. It should be noted that February 18 the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia, Yuri Dzitstsoity was refused the registration as a candidate for President of the Republic - CEC has stated that the subscription lists don`t meet the requirements of the of electoral legislation of the Republic. The head of the Chamber of Commerce Roin Kozaev has also failed the examination in knowing the state languages. February 17, the former Chairman of the State Committee of Information, Communication and Mass Media of South Ossetia Georgy Kabisov has also announced that he was out of the presidential race.
Thus, three persons dropped out of the presidential race. The CEC will publish the final list of the registered candidates eligible to participate in presidential elections, on February 29.
Re-election of the President of South Ossetia is scheduled for March 25. The results of the elections, held November, 27 2011, were recognized invalid by the Supreme Court of South Ossetia because of the committed violations.

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