The inauguration of the RSO President-elect Leonid Tibilov will be held April 19


Preparations for the inauguration ceremony of the President-elect of South Ossetia are in full swing. The meeting of the organizing committee has been held today. Under the Constitution the inauguration ceremony of the third President–elect of South Ossetia will be held on April 19. According to the preliminary data, a large number of guests are expected to arrive in South Ossetia.

It is known that on the day of inauguration the President- elect will hold bilateral meetings with the foreign delegations. According to the organizing committee, the lists of guests have already been drawn up. The ceremony will be held at the Grand Conference Room of the Government building of South Ossetia. The president-elect will swear on the Constitution of South Ossetia and then the Chairman of the Central Election Committee will give him a certificate. The ceremony will be broadcast live on TV "IR." The MPs, members of the Central Election Committee, Cabinet members, the Supreme Court judges, the diplomatic corps, leaders of the political parties, as well as the public and political figures of the Republic are invited to the inauguration ceremony.

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