Boris Chochiev: A significant event of the outgoing week is the election of the president of South Ossetia

Sat, 14/04/2012 - 13:29

Flash-Poll: What, in your opinion is the most important event of the outgoing week?

Boris Chochiev, Plenipotentiary of the President of South Ossetia on post-conflict settlement:
Naturally, it is the election of the president of the Republic of South Ossetia, which, according to the unanimous conclusion of all foreign observers, was held at high level. It is gratifying that, notwithstanding the difficulties, through which our Republic had to go through the last few months, since last November, the people of South Ossetia made a wise, right choice.

I am sure that Leonid Tibilov will unite our society, which, unfortunately, has been recently disunited. Stop dividing people into "us" and "outsiders", we are not so many. I believe that Leonid Kharitonovich is a man who will put an end to this vicious practice. This is a man who will be able to invite to the Republic those natives of South Ossetia, who are successfully working in the territory of the Russian Federation, attract their potential, experience and energy to serve South Ossetia, so it would stand on its feet.

Inal Pliev, an expert:
I consider, the most important event of the past week is the successful presidential election in South Ossetia and the victory of Leonid Tibilov. The employment cycle of the new president of South Ossetia has covered several different areas - humanitarian, strategic, political, diplomatic and economic. Just in this fields are the primary challenges that our country should solve.

Yury Vazagov, a journalist:
I think, the main event of the past week is the successful presidential election in South Ossetia and the announcement of final election results of the CEC of the Republic, according to which Leonid Tibilov won the landslide victory. Proper completion of the campaign, when the loser with dignity conceded defeat and congratulated the winner, and the winner, in turn, invited the former rival to his team, without exaggeration, will be a step in consolidation and reconciliation of the divided society. The successful holding of the elections and conflict, which put an end to the long-awaited semi-annual marathon election, signified the completion of the political crisis in South Ossetia, though the new government will have to eliminate the causes of this crisis.
Of course, an important political event of the week was also the statements of the establishment in South Ossetia two new political parties, which should unite the supporters of David Sanakoev and Alla Dzhioeva. Undoubtedly, in the case of their registration and activity, both parties have the potential to become new poles of power in the domestic policy of the Republic and to play a significant role in creating a system of checks and counterbalances which is in need for political structure of South Ossetia. As for the other parties, but now they have to fight for the electorate in a sharply increased competition.

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