Irina Gagloeva: For 20 years we`ve lived through a hard historical trial, but we always look ahead with confidence

Sun, 27/05/2012 - 17:39

Flash-poll: May 29, will be the 20 years anniversary of the Act of Independence of South Ossetia.

How successful, in your opinion, the Republic is building its statehood and what else should be done to strengthen it?

Alexander Skakov, Candidate of History, coordinator of the Working Group of the Caucasus and Central Asia department under the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Federation:

I think that South Ossetia has done much to strengthen its sovereignty as an independent country. And this is primarily due to the will of the Ossetian people. But the problems still exist. South Ossetia, in contrast to Abkhazia, has no outlet to the sea, and of course, all the contacts of South Ossetia with the outside world go through Russia. There is another nuance in this fact - a great influence of Russia on South Ossetia. And this influence has both the positive effects that were displayed in the events of 08.08.08, as well as the negative ones, displayed in the events connected with the presidential election. So the future of South Ossetia depends much on Russia's position to be consistent, accurate, objective, and not related to any personal predilections. In principle, South Ossetia has everything to move forward toward the formation of normal society: there are good people who are willing and able to work, literate intellectuals, beautiful nature. The question is, to make it all ok to use. In short, South Ossetia has all chances for further success.

Irina Gagloeva, a president of a media center "IR":

Act of Independence of our Republic – is the document of national importance. National political independence of our people – is the only possible condition for development. Everything that happened in the last century with the Ossetian people was due to the fact that the majority of the other ethnos was suppressing and limiting our national development.

Act of Independence of South Ossetia opened a new chapter in our history.
After adopting the Act of Independence Georgia launched another, more brutal aggression against Tskhinval. The town was surrounded by snipers. Tskhinval held out against the fire of the enemy. 20 years have passed since the adoption of this important document. For 20 years we`ve lived through a hard historical trial, but we always look ahead with confidence. Not everything was easy on this way. And not all the trials have passed with ease. Our statehood is now going through the new trials, new challenges. The main thing is - always remember that everything is in our hands. And no one will do anything instead of us. Actually, the struggle is still under way. But today we have an opportunity for economical strengthening, international contacts, so we should follow this course. Consolidation and development of our statehood - is the only context, through which should be filtered the actions of the government and society. The basic areas of our country`s life activity are focused on these principles, which meet the national interests and will ensure our future.

Inal Pliev, an independent expert:

Act on the State Independence of the Republic of South Ossetia was adopted May 29, 1992. I remember this period very well. Tskhinval was surrounded by troops of the State Council of Georgia and for several months the town was being subjected to cruel, methodical shooting by the artillery, tanks and missiles. Simultaneously, the troops of the State Council of Georgia with the support of other illegal Georgian armed forces continued to seize and burn the Ossetian villages. Hundreds of South Ossetian civilians died in those terrible days. The declaration of independence took place on the ninth day after the Zar tragedy - the assassination of more than 30 Ossetian civilians by the armed groups of Georgia. All the past 20 years, Georgia's state machine has been violently protecting the killers; none of them had suffered a just punishment. 20 years have passed since that time. During this period we have suffered a lot, reconsidered a great deal. The Republic has achieved recognition and has been successfully building its statehood. The important and encouraging factor is that at each historical stage of development of the young republic it was headed by a person, who in the most optimal degree met the requirements of the relevant period and responded to its challenges. For successful development of the state-building it`s necessary the optimal use of available resources, both material and technical, as well as the human ones. Everyone should be involved in the sphere where he can be the most useful for people and the Republic. Today we have a lot of problems. Do not be afraid of this. Almost five years have passed since the date of our recognition. Many countries with longer experience of being independent could envy us and our problems. So we should not be afraid of the problems - they must be addressed. We can resolve any problem with such a friend and brother, as the Russian Federation and the Great Russian people.

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