The training schedule of a boxer from South Ossetia was amended

Fri, 06/07/2012 - 18:12

South Ossetian professional boxer Murat Gassiev went to Moscow to continue training for his next rating battle.
This has been said IA "Res" by the coach of the athlete Vitaly Slanov.
"Gassiev will meet in the ring with the Croatian fighter LubomirLyubochich. The fight was scheduled for July 29, 2012 in Montenegro. But due to some objective reasons the organizers brought forward the date of the battle for July 24, "- said Slanov.
According to him, due to bringing forward the fight, the training schedule of a South Ossetian boxer was amended.
"In accordance with the initial training program, since June 25, in Tskhinval Gassiev has been training intensively for the fight. At this stage, we planned to focus on working with the equipment and on the physical training- said the coach. - And two weeks before the match he was supposed to go to Moscow to continue his training in pairs and sparring. However, due to the bringing forward the fight, he had to fly to the Russian capital now to have enough time for sparring training. "
It should be noted that Murat Gassiev debuted on the professional ring in September 2011.
To date, he held five matches and scored a victory in all of them.
The boxer is 18 years old. He represents the Russia's promotional company "Ural Boxing Promotion." Gassiev is being trained in the Tskhinval branch of the boxing club, "Ariana" by the honored coach of South Ossetia and Russia Vitaly Slanov and master of sports Alexander Tedeev
The opponent of the Ossetian athlete in the upcoming bout will be a 28-year-old Croatian boxer Lubomir Lyubochich- a champion of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea among professionals. "Lyubochich held 14 professional boxing fights. In 12 of them he gained a victory, and one of his bouts ended with a draw.

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