The wedding dress, designed to become a symbol of a happy family life became the embodiment of the end to dreams, hope, love...

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War of August 2008 claimed hundreds of innocent lives, cutting them off at the very beginning. Hundreds crashed fates, orphaned, destitute, widows who have lost the meaning of life because of the political views of the Georgian authorities. These are the results of the five-day war in August 2008.

Zalina Kachlaeva and her mother Manana Plieva have also fallen victims to the Georgian aggression.
Zalina was born and grew up in Tskhinval; she studied at the secondary school № 3, finishing it in 2007.
According to her best friend Radmila Valieva, Zalina was an unusually good-natured and fair girl.
"I do not remember that she ever took offense at someone, she always told the truth, without hypocrisy, and demanded the same from others. Zalina has always been and has remained the most near and dear for me; she is my friend, my sister, "- said Valieva. She was a pure soul, positive, with beautiful angelic appearance, she was for others not just a good and handsome girl, but a sort of ideal of what should be an Ossetian girl. Her graceful gait and at the same time, a serious, soft expression of her face stood her out in a crowd.
Full of hopes for bright future, Zali, (as called by her friends and family members) was living an ordinary life, planning, like all girls of her age, reaching the adult life.
Having finished the first course of the South-Ossetian State University, she was waiting with trepidation for the most important and significant day in her life. In summer 2008, invitations to the wedding of Zalina received all her friends and acquaintances. But the insidious fate determined otherwise. Instead of joy with the long-awaited wedding, the Kachlaevs`put on mourning.
Since the beginning of the hostilities Zalina flatly refused to leave Tskhinval, where was serving her fiancé. In the night of August, 8 her parents, as well as hundreds of townspeople took cover from the Georgian shells in the basement of his house on Kutuzovstreet. The day of August 8 her mother managed to persuade her daughter to leave for North Ossetia. Zalina with her mother left the cellar when the exploded shell, put an end to both lives, tearing them to pieces ...
Zalina was buried in her wedding dress which she had not managed to put on while living.
The white shoes, which were intended to become a symbol of a happy family life, became the embodiment of the end to the dreams, hopes, plans, love ...
Zalina was buried on August 11, the day after the expected date of her wedding.

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