His dreams never came true...

Tue, 07/08/2012 - 17:50

As a result of the five-day war between Georgia and South Ossetia, which began on the night of August 8, 2008, were killed hundreds of civilians, thousands of people were injured. An active part in repelling the Georgian aggression in August 2008, took a special police unit (OMON). During the fighting near the village of Tbet were killed several members of the riot police. One of them was very young, 19 year-old Soslan Maldzigov from the motorized company.

Soslan was born July 2, 1989 in Tskhinval. He studied at the Tskhinval secondary school № 6. He was friendly, light, positive person. He started working, not yet finishing school – he always wanted to be independent.
According to his mother, Liana Margieva, he always wanted to work in the Armed Forces.
"At the age of 15 he started to work in the riot police, and since that time the leading role in his life played his work," - said his mother.
She said that from the first working day the only role model for him was his commander Mels Tskhovrebov who then said, "Soslan was a patriot to the marrow, the work was his only joy, he always executed any order easily."
Bright, beyond his years, with a childlike smile, pure and thoughtful eyes - so Maldzigov will be remembered by his friends and acquaintances.
Soslan married early. On the day of his birth in 2008, he began living together with his darling, and in August he planned to celebrate their wedding. But the fate determined otherwise, and his dreams never came true. Exactly one month later Soslan`s life came to the tragic end.
On the night of August 8 the Georgian Defense Ministry units started to break through the borders of the Republic. There was danger of invasion of the enemy troops into the capital of South Ossetia. Early in the morning Soslan and several fighters were sent to the Tbet road, where they entered into an unequal battle with the enemy. A small but heroic group of the riot police members was trying to stop the onslaught of one of the brigades of the Georgian army, which had broken through the village of Khetagurovo and made an advance against Tskhinval from the west to ring the capital of the Republic.
Our boys had only one armored personnel carrier, the gunner of which was the police senior sergeant Maldzigov. Taking into consideration that each brigade of the Georgian armed forces consisted of several dozen armored vehicles and infantry battalion, they had not any chance to survive in the open field, without fortification. However, that did not stop the riot fighters. In the morning, showing great courage, four riot police members, among whom was Maldzigov, fell on the field of battle. He died from the multiple bullet wounds.
Soslan Maldzigov was awarded posthumously the highest Order of South Ossetia – Uatsamonga- for courage and heroism shown during the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in 2008, for active participation in defending the independence and territorial integrity of South Ossetia.
In his 19 years Soslan was serving 4 years and had a rank of senior sergeant.
For a brief but bright life he had become an impressive example for the present and future generations of patriots of Ossetia. We must remember and share memory of those young people, the most worthy sons of Ossetia, who fell on the field of battle for the good of their homeland, and make them the banner of struggle for independence, freedom and justice.